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AL3212PSingle Channel 28Gbps CDR with intergrated Equalization and DML dirver

AL3212 is an integrated CDR transceiver with laser driver circuits. The chip requires both 3.3V and 1.8V supplies to power it up.
On the egress path, the data signals were first buffered at the input stage and compensated the passive trace loss through a CTLE equalizer capable of boosting up to 15dB at the Nyquist frequency. The signals then can be passed through either bypass mode, if the data rate is ≤ 12Gbps, or retiming mode, if the data rate is ≥ 24Gbps. After the CDR core section, the output signals go through a 3-tap feedforward equalizer (FFE) for pre/de-emphasis to compensate the output trace loss. An integrated direct modulated laser driver is followed at the CDR core output stage to provide the necessary laser DC bias current and AC modulation swing. 


•    Bi-directional dual CDR with 24.3Gb/s to 28.1Gb/s transceiver and integrated DFB laser driver
•    600mW typical power consumption at 40mA bias and 35mA modulation for TOSA
•    Input jitter tolerance after equalization: 0.45UI
•    Auto bypass mode to support 25G and 10G switch
•    Digital control through I2C interface
•    Input Slice Level Adjust
•    LOS with adjustable threshold and hysteresis
•    Support PRBS generator and PRBS checker
•    1.8V/3.3V supplies
•    4.65mm x 4.65mm (±0.025mm) 9x9 eWLB package with a 0.5mm pitch
•    -40°C to +95°C case operation
•    Pb-free/Halogen-free/RoHS compliant


•    SFP28 and/or QSFP-28 Modules for:  
        ◆    Wireless 5G CPRI  
        ◆    25/100Gbps Ethernet  
        ◆    25/100Gbps OTN


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