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5G Network

Carrier Network, the fundament of mobile communication network, connects core network and base station. Base station provides channel between fixed termination and mobile termination by wireless transceiver to achieve end-to-end communication. 5G carrier network will pull the market growthof fiber, optical module and optical communications equipment in the meantime. For optical module, the market demand is from Fronthaul, Middlehaul, Backhaul, and core network. 1) Fronthaul: one Macro base station has three AAUs andeach AAU needs two frontHaul modules. 2) Middlehaul and Backhaul: the quantity of needed Middlehaul module is double than that of Macro base station. 3) Core Network: most demands are 100G/200G coherent module, the module quantity of core network is double to the number macro base station divided by Access node and aggression node.

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