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AL1341P32GBaud Quad Channel Limiting MZ Modulator Driver

The AL1341P is a high performance quad 32Gbps MZ modulator driver IC for coherent 100G PM-QPSK transport applications. The driver takes a differential input signal ranging from 0.4Vpp to 1Vpp and provides a single-ended output up to 7Vpp (worst case). The AL1341P has a low power consumption, low additive jitter and high SNR performance.  It has an integrated peak detector for each of the data channels, which enable customers to monitor the driver’s output seamlessly.  The device is available in a 19 mm x 13 mm surface mount package which includes all bias chokes and coupling capacitors to make the optical module implementation much easier. 


•    Data Rate: NRZ Data rate up to 32 Gbps per channel
•    Adjustable output amplitude range from 3 Vpp to 7 Vpp
•    Low additive jitter of 700 fs
•    High input sensitivity (0.4Vpp max.) for 7 Vpp output voltage
•    Low Power Consumption: 6W typ. @ output of 7 Vpp
•    SMD Package: 19 mm x 13 mm x 2.3 mm 
•    RoHS-6 Compliant


    Optical transport based on 100G PM-QPSK modulation format

    Optical modules of 5x7 MSA, 4x5 MSA, CFP and CFP2


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