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AL1642D28/56GBaud Quad Channel Differential Linear Modulator Driver

AL1642D is a four-channel linear amplifiers with differential inputs and differential outputs designed for 100Gbps/200Gbps/400Gbps PAM4 and coherent PM-QPSK applications. The ultra-broad bandwidth driver can be operated either in linear mode or limiting mode. The driver takes a differential input signal ranging from 0.3Vppd to 0.5Vppd and provides a differential output up to 3Vpp. When driven from the differential outputs of a high performance DAC, the common-mode rejection characteristic of this differential input design helps to maintain the linearity and resolution of the DAC. 


•    Data rate: PAM-4 data rate up to 64 Gbps per channel
•    Adjustable differential output amplitude range from 2Vpp to 3Vpp
•    High bandwidth over 50GHz
•    THD at 1GHz 3% at 3Vppd
•    VGA gain control: linear gain range 5 - 18dB
•    Bandwidth control using CTLE circuit
•    Crossing point adjustment
•    Channel pitch 625μm
•    Typical 0.45W per channel, for output of 3.0 Vppd; driver output is biased through output port at 4V (3.5V ~ 4V, depending on the actual modulator load)


    100G/200G/400G PM-QPSK optical modulation format

    100G/200G/400G PAM-4 optical modulation format


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