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AL2112D10Gbps Low Noise and High Gain APD TIA

The AL2112 is a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with auto gain control and photodiode current monitor function. Wide dynamic rang both on high speed data rate and input current provides the best solution for optical fiber communication application. Ultra-low crosstalk/interference design suitable for high density and multi-function broadband access units.


•    Operating data rate: 1Gbps~12.5Gbps
•    Typical sensitivity at 10.3Gbps: -26dBm.(with APD)
•    CMOS process
•    Operating Power: supply:3.3V
•    Die Size(nmm): 900um*900um*210um


•    10G PON and 10GEBASE-ER
•    10G Optical Transport for the extended reach


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