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AL2540DQuad-Channel 28/53GBaud Linear TIA Amplifier

AL2540D is a high sensitivity 4-channel 56GBaud/s linear trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) suitable for 100Gb/s, 200Gb/s and 400Gb/s Ethernet PMD with PAM-4 modulation format. It consists of an automatic gain control (AGC) loop with an option of manual gain control (MGC). The linear TIA has a bandwidth of 35GHz with less than 3% total harmonic distortion for up to 5mApp of input AC current and additionally features of bandwidth/peaking adjustment. AL2540 offers very high sensitivity due to its low input referred noise density of 10pA/Hz. It also includes the functions of received-signal-strength-indicator (RSSI) and output amplitude monitor.


•    Supports serial data rates up to 112Gb/s
•    6KΩ transimpedance gain
•    Input-referred noise density: 10pA/√Hz
•    5mApp overload current
•    Up to 700 mVpp differential output amplitude
•    Operating in two modes: AGC and MGC
•    Bandwidth/peaking adjustment, 35GHz bandwidth (Typ.)
•    Photodiode (Cathode) bias voltage
•    Received-Signal-Strength-Indicator (RSSI)
•    Output amplitude detector
•    Single power supply of +3.3V
•    150mW power dissipation per channel
•    Die size:3.15mm x 1.58mm


•    400G Ethernet PMD: 400GBASE-DR4/FR4
•    4x100G Optical Modules


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